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Monday, 19 November 2018

Moral Philosophy - Wise Words

Do everything with a good heart,
expect nothing in return  
💭 and you will never be disappointed 💭

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Listening examination N° 1

Play the video 

This will be your listening examination:

Listen to the song "If We Hold On Together" - Anndi McAfee & Aria Curzon

Monday, 1 October 2018

List of Irregular and Regular Verbs - Verbos Regulares e Irregulares en Inglés

 🕮📚🔖List of irregular and regular verbs in English  - Base form, Past Simple, Past Participle and meaning in Spanish. 📑✎

Saturday, 30 June 2018

Managing Innovation by Professor Andrea Prencipe

Professor Andrea Prencipe is Deputy Rector of LUISS Guido Carli University, Full Professor of Organisation and Innovation at LUISS University and a Visiting Professor at Rotterdam School of Management (NL) and holds an International Chair in Organisation at BI Norwegian School of Management (N). He has held academic positions at SPRU, INSEAD, and University G. d’Annunzio. He has been a Visiting Professor (2010-2013) at Imperial College Business School (UK) and an Honorary Professor (2006-2012) at SPRU (University of Sussex, UK). Professor Prencipe is an expert on innovation issues in firms, including strategic management of technological and organizational innovation; organizational learning in project-based organizations; implications of modularity on the division and coordination of labor; social capital and innovation processes. He has published articles on this subject in management journals – e.g. Administrative Science Quarterly and Organization Science – as well as in major innovation journals – e.g. Research Policy, Industrial and Corporate Change, and Journal of Product Innovation Management.

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Managing Innovation

Friday, 26 January 2018

A modern dating horror story - How would life be without social media?

How would life be without social media?

🎥Anti Social - A modern dating horror story without social media - Written by Daniel Audritt and Kat Butterfield.  © 2017 - 2018 - Comic Relief Originals.

Monday, 15 January 2018

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Do You Eat Healthy? - Documentary: Sweet Misery

Artificial sweetener aspartame = cancer, diabetes, depression, loss of vision, hearing loss, loss of hair, migraine, insomnia, memory loss, fatigue, hypertension, lupus, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, cavities, menstrual changes. The main products that contain aspartame are: sodas (diet, light, zero), energy drinks, yoghurt, milk, jellies, gums, cooking sauces, cereals, candies, chocolate, ice cream, powdered juices, synthetic vitamins and medicinal products

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

MOOC: New Business Models – Working Together on Value Creation by Prof. Dr. Jan Jonker

Prof. Dr. Jan Jonker is professor of Sustainable Development at the Nijmegen School of Management at Radboud University Nijmegen (the Netherlands). Since 2014, he has also held the Chaire d’Excellence Pierre de Fermat at the Toulouse Business School in Toulouse (France). Over the years, he has gained broad international teaching experience on the post-graduate, post-doc (MBA) as well as executive level. In his home country, he has been listed among the Top-100 most influential ‘Green’ Dutch people for seven years in a row. His research focuses on the implementation of sustainability, (new) business models and how these developments are related to change and transition. His approach is often based on crowdthinking, which implies engaging with large groups of people in specific research projects in order to explore and possibly solve issues as a collective endeavour. As a consequence many people consider him a kind of ‘academic activist’, wanting to create change and to have impact. He did a TEDx in the Netherlands in 2015 on the central concepts he is working.
He is the author of over 30 books among which the 2014 bestseller on New Business Models. This book is now available in English and can be acquired as an e-book to go with this MOOC.
New Business Models – Working Together on Value Creation by Prof. Dr. Jan Jonker

Tech Companies vs Time & Attention by Tristan Harrys

How a handful of tech companies control billions of minds every day via internet.

Tech Companies vs Time & Attention by Tristan Harrys on TED.