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Saturday, 26 November 2022

Movie - Artificial Intelligence - A Steven Spielberg Film - English Subtitles

David (Haley Joel Osment), a human-like robot with the capability to love.

Download: https://mega.nz/file/1QRFQKRS  

Password: OPSGscguiaZD6_J70XddxjJzHB_Aw0ilLBY4ov85Nq8   

Wednesday, 9 November 2022

The Best Dictionaries of English - Spanish

On August 26, 2022, Lexico powered by Oxford, closed the Lexico.com website and now it is redirecting it to Dictionary.com. Rest in peace,  LEXICO. 

Lexico was my best dictionary when I wanted to look up words in Oxford Dictionary. 😢

Are you learning Spanish or English? Do you miss the dictionary of Lexico? If so, these are the best dictionaries for you:

1. Spanish Dict: 


2. Cambridge Dictionary: